Project Description

2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

sandy-and-i A week ago I had the great fortune to spend a weekend taking the Laughter Yoga leader training with Kathryn Kimmins. It was a life changer.

First, let me say what an amazing person you are! You not only led us through all the intricacies of Laughter Yoga, with laughter sprinkled throughout and seriousness when needed, but you also gently guided each and every participant to bloom in their own fashion. And you were dealing with your own personal situation at the time, without letting it intrude on us. Very good, very good, yay!
I now find I’m much more open to laughter and happiness in all aspects of my life. An unexpected bonus is that after the first day, I realized that my painful, stiff neck and shoulders which had been bothering me for over a month had disappeared. A week later, I still have full range of motion in my neck and absolutely no pain or stiffness.
Laughter yoga healed where other medical options had not!
Am now in the process of putting together a plan for my first Laughter Yoga session with students this week!! I can’t wait to do it! (but also a little nervous) Very good, very good, YAY!!
Will keep you posted.”
Sandy Carlin, Certified Laughter Yoga leader