Project Description

More Enlightened and Happier with Laughter Yoga

Kathryn KimminsKathryn Kimmins, Canada:I have been laughing every day since I heard about Laughter Yoga. It has changed my life in every aspect. Physically, I am more health conscious as I breathe more deeply and do a lot more stretching and relaxing the muscles without having to think about it.

Laughing every day has become a huge part of my life. It has transformed me into being a happier, more compassionate and more enlightened being. Mentally and emotionally, I am able to laugh spontaneously to release stress, judgment, worry, and to live in the moment of each and every day with a happy heart. Even spiritually, I am more connected to each and every person’s inner spirit as laughing with others has opened my eyes to how connected we are on a very deep level.

Laughter Yoga has made me more creative, imaginative and more playful in all my intentions and has allowed me to follow my dreams with the greatest of ease and to help others to follow theirs.