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Laughter Yoga Therapy helped me in Multiple Sclerosis

Karla Laughter Yoga Therapy helped me in Multiple Sclerosis

Soon after the birth of my child, I began to lose sight without realizing what was happening. I had lost 90 per cent of my sight and was almost blind for more than a week. The diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis (MS). My life became like the vanishing light of a candle. I used to be a kind, affectionate and loving person with a remarkable sense of humor and plenty of vitality. But, I found myself living in darkness, with a lot of anger, frustration and gradually falling into a deep depression. Luckily, after a while, I recovered a little sight though not 100 per cent. There was an unconscious force inside of me which always made me look for alternatives to go ahead and escape all the confusion. In fact, my son became the only reason I had.

It was not until I studied Tanathology, and Logotherapy, I realized I had to make things better for myself. Only then, would things change around me. To do so, I had to give myself all the best. I began working with terminal patients and kept searching because something told me I still lacked “that spark that ignited the wick to fly higher.”

In 2003, I met Dr. Hunter (Patch Adams) and his work was a small ray of hope. It really moved me, but somehow, I did not like the idea of disguising pain with joy.

In 2008, I listened to a radio program on World Laughter Day along with several interviews about the Laughter Yoga Movement that trained people to Laugh Without a Reason. I was so impressed; I immediately went to register.

Today, Laughter Yoga has given me a new meaning to my life. I have learnt to Laugh all by myself under any condition. It even allows me to Laugh in a ridiculous situation without being embarrassed. It makes me feel safe. I have also learnt to love myself, and have realized my worth. I now respect myself more than ever before. I am happy and I can spread Peace and Happiness. Now, I can see that life has plenty of possibilities. I have found serenity and have increased my own tolerance to frustration. I trust myself and everyone else. In fact, I’m also starting to get a kind of control over my incontinence. This is incredible!

Today, I can say I am alive and want to keep living. I can talk about what the disease has given; rather than what it has taken.

A year ago, I set up a group with people with MS, where we practice Laughter Yoga and Logotherapy. People with other problems also gather with us, and frequently tell us about the changes they feel. There are strong ties of brotherhood and affection among the members, as we have all found a solution to our problems by practicing Laughter Yoga.

I’m thankful to God for showing me this path and also to Dr. Kataria whose concept changed my entire outlook towards life.