Project Description

Laughter Yoga increased my Immunity

Karin Lesiak, Poland: There was a time in my life when I experienced a lot of challenges in my personal life. From a joyful, optimistic person under the influence of trouble and stress I became more and more depressed, sad, I lacked energy and the will to live. Everyday activities were getting more and more difficult. The situation was threatening my health. I had to think about my children, who I only looked after. It was 2013 when a laugh appeared on my way. The first workshop, and basically the first exercises were a surprise, I felt discomfort. Laugh at strangers without a reason? Hmmm, I felt stupid. After a few minutes of laughter, the feeling disappeared. Instead, I felt the unconditional joy I had dreamed of for a long time. Strangers laughed at me for the sake of joy. During the session, I felt my diaphragm’s work. My stomach worked very hard to support my breathing. After the session, I felt a surge of energy and good humor. I smiled to myself remembering exercises.

In a short time, I finished the course of the Certified Laughter Leader. Laughter helped me regain my joy. I felt more positive thoughts, I looked at the future with greater hope. My work efficiency has also changed. Laughter helped me when I felt tired or distracted. All I needed was a few minutes of laughter in solitude and I could work again.

A huge and positive surprise was how my (teenage) children changed. It was easier to reach an agreement, there was also more cooperation between them than quarrels.

I also felt an increase in immunity. Old common colds have gone down in history. Hence my laughter sessions in hospitals, senior homes, kindergartens, and schools.

Running my own company, I was struggling with a lack of confidence, conversations with clients, offers … this has also changed. By training laughs, I gained more courage. Public appearances have become easier, and the microphone is my ally in reaching even a larger group of people with laughter. In October 2019, I co-hosted a laughing session with Jakub B. Bączek during the Live Life Now event. There were 1500 people in the room. Laughter connects people.