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Laughter Yoga has changed my outlook in life

Josephine Tan Sioh Hoon Laughter Yoga has changed my outlook in life

Initially, I was very skeptical about the Laughter Yoga course. I only attended the course because my friend, Doreen, a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader strongly recommended this program & I just obliged her. I used to rely on sleeping pills to sleep. After this 2-Day program, I no longer require the sleeping pill and there was no disruption in my sleep. I felt light hearted. I wish to spread Laughter Yoga to my friends. It is simply; so easy. You can do it anywhere, in the office, in the car or on your bed. I have started practicing it daily. It has changed my outlook in life.

To all human beings, go for it!
Ho ho ha ha ha
Josephine Tan Sioh Hoon