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How started a new laughter club at Taipei

John How started a new laughter club at Taipei

My first encounter with Laughter Yoga was when I watched the show, ‘Human Face, on BBC and a documentary film about Laughter Clubs on Discovery Channel in 2004. I was touched by Dr. Madan Kataria’s hearty laughter and recorded the program. I mailed him immediately to find out if there was any laughter club in Taiwan. He said there were none and that I was the first one to contact him. He then went on to encourage me to learn it myself and become a pioneer and share it with other people.

Without delay, he sent me the Laughter Yoga Instructional DVD and his book which helped me to learn the concept. Ever since, I have used every opportunity to lead Laughter Yoga sessions and make people aware of its benefits. In the beginning, people felt weird and silly, but I found it changed their mood quickly and they felt happy.

I founded the first Laughter club of Taiwan in March, 2005. Though I tried very hard to spread the good idea, but the people seemed only curious; they didn’t really want to practice it. As I was wondering how to go further, I met Dr. Eric, the first Laughter Doctor of Taiwan. He encouraged me to start a new laughter club at Taipei.

So with all this help, eventually the Laughter Yoga movement spread almost all over Taiwan. There are now 18 laughter clubs from the north to the south and even the east of Taiwan. Many people’s life as well as mine was changed. Not only was my head (hair) changed – ha ha ha, but also my spirit. I became more positive, optimistic and aware of my surroundings.