Project Description

Laughter releases our Fear and unconscious clinging

Greg Govinda Laughter releases our Fear and unconscious clinging

Laughter Yoga has brought many changes in my life. At first it challenged me to face some hidden fears; then it almost magically, released years of grieving that I hadn’t been able to shake. Over time, it brought me many delights as I witnessed others who came to the laughter yoga sessions, let go, have fun and awaken to the deep joy within themselves. Laughter Yoga has the potential to change lives in one session and is especially effective when practiced regularly.

Laughter releases our unconscious clinging to things that no longer serve our health and well-being. It provides an environment where one can let go and open to the wonder of being in a joyful space with others. What could be more inspiring than to share with others at a time when they are happy and playful?

Over time, I experienced a strong self-confidence that I am okay ‘just the way I am’. I found a great sense of inner peace that there is nothing in the world that can take away my essential nature. I still experience the normal challenges, but also find myself more willing and able to relax and to ‘look at’ what it is within me that is being challenged. Laughter Yoga is a powerful tool that allows me to negotiate life and to appreciate what I have.

Greg Govinda
Laughter Ambassador
Daylesford Laugh Club, Victoria, Australia.