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Laughter Yoga helped me Connect with my Real Self

Emma FergusonEmma Ferguson:  Joy has been a big word for me all my life and Laughter Yoga has helped me connect to that on a very deep level through my daily practice.

Physically, it has strengthened my immune system and I definitely have less bouts of cold and cough. Even my nervous system is much stronger now, which has helped to manage some scoliosis in my back. In fact, my chiropractor says that he is amazed at the improvement and he attributes a large part of it to laughter. About a year and a half ago, I fell and had a very traumatic injury to my humerus and elbow.  In the emergency room and while in the hospital after surgery, I laughed and sang which helped me heal faster.

Laughter Yoga has helped me develop a much stronger sense of humour and I have learned to use laughter to ease stress as it comes up.  I find that when I have physical or mental problems, they tend to heal very fast with much less or no complications. Practicing laughter on a regular basis has also improved my creative and problem solving abilities and I feel more energised and enthusiastic throughout the day. Even the spiritual aspects of Laughter is a big deal to me as it has helped me move out of my thinking mind and feeling more connected to the ‘real spirit of me’.