Project Description

Laughter Yoga In Batanes, Phillipines


I recently went on a visit to the beautiful and scenic island of Batanes in Philippines to conduct a laughter session for young parishioners, who can do great to spread awareness about Laughter Yoga.

The much-awaited Laughter Yoga session was held in St. Dominic University. As most of the participants were young, their vibrant-seemingly-boundless-energy rubbed on everyone, especially me. The Laughter Yoga exercises and positive chanting, almost unstoppable hearty laughter boosted our energies, as the session progressed. Towards the end, I encouraged the participants to spread the word of laughter and its benefits and reminded them to be helpful to one another and to always think in terms of the great majority’s interests, to love our country, and serve it best, devoid of grant and corruption.

Here are some inspiring comments:

Noel and Cass Guzman, tourists from Singapore – The Laughter Yoga session was unique, informative, educational, and of course, fun. Never have I experienced anything similar before! As the session progressed, the attendees’ skepticism and inhibitions gradually disappeared. One-of-a-kind of fun-and-laughter session that left everyone breathless and sweating, from non-stop laughing and moving around. Hoho hahaha!

Angelica R. Adami – Great fun! It took away stress and tiredness.

Karen Merida – Laughter Yoga is very helpful in making everyone have a healthy and happy life.

Ma. Jennalyn Calucag – I really enjoyed the session very much. Helped me feel relaxed and suddenly forgot the stress from the requirements needed to submit as a graduating student.

Sienna Marie Claire Balles – Happy and really de-stressing!

Angelica A. Merida – Laughter Yoga is very enjoyable. It makes people laugh even when they are sad and have problems. It removes stress. Enjoyed much. Hahaha!

Diana Rose Valiente – I really like it! It really helped cure our sickness and relieved us of stress.

Karen – Laughter Yoga is the BEST! It teaches you to laugh at, by, and with yourself. It is a good way to build genuine friendship, and is clean, pure fun.