Project Description

Practice Laughter Yoga daily for Good Health

edie-w-moserEdie W Moser, CLYL, USA:  I have known of Laughter Yoga since I connected with Jeffrey Briar many years ago. Because I made a commitment to teaching Laughter Yoga, I know I need to be accountable and use it daily in my own life. I have been sharing it with adults and children in various settings and communities.

I have been engaging in my daily laughter practice, which begins as soon as I turn on the shower each morning; laughing as I step into the tub, soaping myself up, imagining giggle bubbles pouring out of the bottle of shampoo and trickling downward. When I dry myself off, I do a little dance with the towel, chortling as I go.

Throughout the day, especially when on the road, I let loose some laughs, and it helps me sail through traffic. I work as a therapist who sees clients with varying degrees of emotional needs, traumas, and challenges. My own laughter practice keeps me going on days when I feel at a loss as to how to help some of them. I teach them Laughter Yoga as well and some have embraced it for their own mental health.