Project Description

Better Health as a Senior


Dr. S.H. Patil and his wife, native of Karnataka and resident in Mumbai for the last 50 years, has been practising Laughter Exercises for over 10 years now, post retirement. Dr. Patil and his wife Mrs. Patil were in Bangalore to attend the All India Laughter Yoga Conference, LAFF-2009 from Dec.4-6, 2009. A retired Scientist of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, Dr. Patil is one of the 8-10 founder members of New Bombay Laughter Club at Vashi, with his wife.

The daily routine for Dr. Patil and friends, starts at 6.45 am with a free Yoga club for Seniors where they do half hour of Yoga-based joint exercises, followed by 15 minutes Laughter Exercises – as prescribed by Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of Laughter Yoga. The next 20 minutes walking along a lake. The early morning routine ends in a Talk session of about 30-40 minutes. Most of these seniors have their children residing abroad. This group comes together to discover ways to enjoy themselves as elderly parents. The other activities of this group are an annual Picnic and occasional get together of 8-10 families for breakfast/favorite snack at one of the member’s house for joy. This group finds the Laughter Club a good way to support each other and enjoy life, in the absence of children. “This routine keeps us going fine”, says Dr. Patil.

“We review the benefit from Laughter Yoga on our health once in 2-3 years. For me, personally, Laughter Yoga has helped me overcome severe acidity that I was suffering from during my career days. I used to take 2 tablets, 4 times a day for many years. From the second year when I started Laughter Yoga, I was able to reduce the dosage and gradually, I have been off medication. Now I am able to eat spicy food and drink tea/coffee, though not regularly. I find that 15 minutes of Laughter Yoga a day for two years along with Yoga and physical fitness regime of half hour has tremendously improved my health. And what is amazing is the fact that at age 77 I am enjoying good health and medication-free life. Such is the health benefit.”

The New Bombay Laughter Club at Vashi started with a small group of 8-10 persons and has grown up to a 100. “On any given day, the average size of our Laughter Club is 25”, reveals Dr. Patil.