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My Experiment with Laughter Meditation-Wow !!!

Dr. Dave MacQuarrie My Experiment with Laughter Meditation-Wow !!!

Here is a report by laughter professional Dave who experimented with various disciplines of yoga and alternative therapies for well-being and realized that Laughter Yoga is the best remedy for complete body – mind wellness. This is because it is a unique exercise routine which does not require humor, jokes or comedy. It is simple and anyone can do it and reap enormous benefits.

Dr. Dave MacQuarrie, Certified LY Teacher, Canada: About two months ago, in reviewing the nature of discipline and reflecting on the instructions with the online courses, I decided to explore the impact on myself of a variety of disciplines for 21 days. So, each day I did about 10 minutes of yoga followed by 15 minutes of a given discipline, the same discipline for a 21 day period.

First I worked with my modification of a body prayer which I called PRAAYER: Praise Star Maker, Respect self (and others), Acknowledge powerlessness, Accept surrender, Yield to wisdom, Express wisdom, Return to life. I spent about 2 minutes reflecting on each stance in a particular body posture, and then moved to the next. I kept writing down all the changes. After about 10 days, I decided to add a number reflecting my felt sense of well-being before and after the process (casually monitoring the number the rest of the day).

The numbers range from -10 to +10, with a heavier color to indicate ‘zero’. I use my skill of truth-testing to confirm the accuracy of the number and trust my unconscious in its evaluation. I then chart the numbers on a graph to give a visual representation of what is happening. Eventually I realized that this number was independent of emotionality or externals such as conflict (of which there has been a lot!). Next discipline I did was 15 minutes of Laughter Yoga (I am a trainer in International Laughter Yoga). No humor is involved. I do have a YouTube video “Bodhisattva in metro” that I reviewed initially. Third discipline was 15 minutes of Vipassana meditation, of which I am on day 13. The results are shown in the accompanying photo/graph. The impact is obvious and startling! I am absolutely amazed at the result with laughter. Consequently, when the numbers started to drop again with Vipassana, I switched back to laughter to see what would happen. At the end of this 21 day period, I intend to alternate PRAAYER, laughter, and meditation to see if the benefits are sustainable.