Project Description

Laughter Yoga Healing and Connecting

Charlotte Eaton Laughter Yoga and Spirituality

My friend Sofia and I decided to start a business called ‘Life Bulb’ which is all about helping people light their life bulb. We wanted to organize workshops to encourage joy, creativity, humor, freedom, imagination and connection. Keeping this in mind, I decided to train as a Laughter Yoga teacher and Sofia encouraged me to go to India to train with Dr. Madan Kataria.

Laughter, though wonderful, had always bogged me in my life – it would have me thrown out of lessons at school, concerts, assemblies, all sorts! In spite of this, I knew laughter had immense healing qualities like the power to connect with others and generate a positive attitude. On return from India, I began practicing Laughter Yoga every morning together with my brother. The difference before and after was amazing. After the session, I felt I could achieve anything. My heart felt more open and overflowing. I started conducting laughter sessions in my area and used all this in a more constructive and structured way to help other people change their lives.

We are having a grand launch of life bulb on 21st March, 2010 to celebrate the first day of Spring. We will have all sorts of activities – painting pots and planting bulbs, Swedish waffle-making, choirs, movement, networking and connecting with others but most of all, plenty of laughter, love and joy. If you are in London, please join us! Contact to join this beautiful free party and celebration of life!