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Laughter Yoga First Aid!

Chandanna Denzayll Laughter Yoga First Aid!

Life still has it’s ups and downs, but the practice of Laughter Yoga has enhanced my ability to respond to challenges more easily and effectively. It’s my First Aid Kit, that I take with me everywhere!

As part of my teaching, I inform my students that sustained laughter is a catalyst for the release of endorphins (pain killing hormones) into the body, and recently I had the opportunity to put my own words to the test…

The best thing that Laughter Yoga has done for me, is to help me take myself less seriously! This lead me to step out of my comfort zone and attend a two week residential workshop in the Art of Clowning and Physical Comedy, for the purpose of refining my facilitation skills.

Each day we were given different acting improvisation exercises in small groups, and during a rehearsal session at an outside venue, I twisted my ankle as I was running up a rough path…

I stopped, reassured my companions, held my ankle and began laughing heartily. In a few minutes, the pain had subsided, and I was actually able to go on immediately and perform the piece easily, without a second thought for my ankle.

My latest experience was while I was on a scuba diving holiday with my husband. We had just finished a dive and the sea was very choppy. Just as I climbed back into the boat, it pitched violently; I lost my balance, and hit the back of my head very hard on the gunwale. A bump developed instantly and the pain in my head was so intense that I “saw stars”.

To help myself recover, I held the sore place and started a hearty bout of laughter. Within a very short time, the pain was gone and I was back to normal, with no side effects other than the bump which reduced over the next few days.

In conclusion, Laughter Yoga really works as an effective means of bringing relief in situations of intense pain and trauma!

Love, Light and Laughter… Ha-ha-ha…