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My Laughter Yoga Testimony

Chandana Anandi My Laughter Yoga Testimony

Since my childhood, I was on a spiritual path, my mother showed me how to be affectionate and my father raised me on the inspirational values expressed in the poetry of the philosopher, Khalil Gibran. Then in my teenage years, I was introduced to the Sivanada School of Yoga, where I began practicing body postures, breathing exercises and meditation, in search of a connection with the Divine.

While studying Drama at University in Cape Town, South Africa, I came in contact with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, from whom I learned Transcendental Meditation. By nature, I have a strong need for worship and ritual in my life, which was expressed through a relationship with Jesus, in communion with Christians from different church backgrounds. Some of them were very judgmental of the way in which I embraced eastern mysticism, which drove me to leave both TM, and the church, and to set out entirely on my own…

Over many years of internal struggle, exploration and study of various religious and spiritual practices, I came to the conclusion that my heart is most fulfilled through the practice of “Bhakti” Yoga, or service and devotion, through community service and being kind to myself and others, under all circumstances.

Of late, silence has become more and more important to me, as a way of more deeply connecting with the true nature of my Being as Universal Consciousness, and it was this month that I met Dr. Madan Kataria in a Silent Retreat which he was facilitating in Bangalore. This was followed by a teacher training in Laughter Yoga with Dr. Kataria, through whom I have found a wonderful means of expressing my desire to be unconditionally loving.

Learning how to hone my own laughter skills; to practice being able to laugh by myself for no reason is helping me not to take myself so seriously, and to further cultivate my levels of internal happiness. I am thrilled that his teaching has provided me with very practical tools and exercises that I can share with others, to increase their experience and quality of life!

Through connecting with Laughter Yoga, I have finally found something that impeccably suits me, and the playful side of my personality. It has provided me with the means to share the fullest expression of my true nature and spread the Love, Joy and Light in my Life.