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Laughter Yoga – How Does It Feel?

Bernadette Mcgree

Bernadette Mcgree, Laughter Yoga teacher at the Linfield Laughter Club in Ireland says that laughter is good for a number of different reasons. It’s great for connecting people, excellent for helping people de-stress and feel more relaxed. As one of her participant says, “I went through a marriage breakdown and the distress that it caused. Laughter Yoga helped me to get my mind off it. It also helped me through my illness. You know, they say laughter’s the best medicine.”

Here are some inspiring reports from Laughter Yoga practitioners who have experienced enormous health benefits of laughing for no reason:

Other testimonials:

Bo: It changed the way I see this world and it brings so much positive energy into my life.

Monique Unger: It has actually taken me through some difficult and challenging times. The year before last, I was pretty depressed and isolated from friends and family. I have been on medication for a very time. Though Laughter Yoga is not an alternative medicine; it complements it. It puts your body into the laughter and when your body is in laughter, your brain sort of secretes all these good – good feeling chemicals, and before you know it, it’s like, “Oh, I feel pretty good.” It’s just laughing for no reason with a bunch of other people that are laughing for no reason and you feel good afterwards.

Another Class Attendee: I feel positive and relaxed. It’s a good workout for the abs as well when you really get that deep belly laugh, which is great, I love it.

Deirdre: When I’m home and feeling down, I laugh on my own. Sometimes I laugh for half an hour on my own and it really lifts my feelings up.

Laughter Yoga Class: (In Unison): We all feel relaxed, energized and grateful.