Project Description

Laughter helped me Physically, Mentally and Spiritually

I was initiated into Laughter Yoga in 2014. After doing it over the weekends initially, all of us in the Jalvayu Laughter Club, Noida, started doing it daily from Jan 2015. As the word spread, our membership kept on growing and now we have over 100 members. The results have been very beneficial and I personally have benefitted in physically, mentally as well as spiritually.

Physical benefits: Getting up early morning on a daily basis has helped me in formulating a proper routine throughout the day. I was physically fit even earlier but had a tendency towards constipation and used to get allergic sneezing/cold and skin rash due to heat and dust. I became free from all these problems within three months of daily Laughter Yoga. In addition, I lost some extra weight, especially around the waist and feel fitter and more energetic throughout the day.

Mental benefits: I used to be ‘anxious’ by temperament and have become much more confident and relaxed. I have become more positive and can take adversities of life in a much better and calmer way. I have learnt to ‘accept’ things. “Laughing it off” has become a habit which has helped me in many serious and adverse situations.

Spiritual benefits: Laughter Yoga has helped me in developing the necessary connection with my inner self or the soul. As a result I am more at peace with myself and with the world. Laughter is contagious and the extremely positive vibrations emanating from a group of hundred odd people laughing together, have to be experienced to be believed. This has helped me in understanding the concept of “One Universe” and all of humanity being together in it as one.