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Laughter Changed My Perception Of Life

Arthur Fun Laughter Changed My Perception Of Life

At the age of 27, after finishing my studies and qualifying in psychology and law, the question about the choice of profession became more important to me. I always wanted to do a job that I would love. After much thought and attending different personal development seminars, I got the insight that I would like to help people by laughter therapy.

So, on June 8th 2013, I started searching for information on Google about laughter therapy, but was surprised when my search showed me Laughter Yoga. It was the first time I had heard of it, wand was curious to know more about the unusual concept. Soon, I found out that there was an opportunity for Laughter Yoga teacher training with the founder Dr. Madan Kataria, and I immediately knew what I wanted to do. I decided to train as a Laughter Yoga teacher and went to India in July 2013. It was the happiest 11 days of my life! I felt so happy and energized because of the people I met, the amazing environment and the fantastic experience of Laugher Yoga exercises.

I feel very blessed that I finally found the profession that I really love. After returning from my training my mindset completely changed. For example, I previously used to get angry about things that annoyed me, but now I just laugh about them. I start every day with a smile and Laughter Yoga exercises. It makes me feel happy, strong, self-confident and full of energy.

Laughter Yoga has also improved my relationship with my mother, because now we laugh more often together, and our relationship is better than ever before! I am glad that even her health has improved significantly ever since we started laughing.