Project Description

Laughter Yoga Eased My Labor Pains

Eight years ago my son Cedar was born, changing my life forever. I had a water birth at home and during the last hours of labor, I got the giggles! Just when the labor got intense, it suddenly struck me as absurd that an entire person was coming out of my body and I started laughing and laughing with every contraction.

By the time he was born, I’d been laughing with every contraction for three hours, and was high as a kite on natural endorphins. Laughter seemed to have eased all my pain and all I could feel was an inspirational experience of infinity and bliss.

In that moment, I knew that we have an infinite power to create anything, not just babies but our reality and our lives. I realized that Laughter Yoga had helped me achieve this state of mind. It is a great tool to alleviate all stress and anxieties, and helps us cope with almost any challenge that life throws up, by keeping us positive and joyful.

And ever since, I’ve been trying to bring more consciousness to the moments of my life, and expanding to allow even more creative life force to flow through me. May we all know our infinite power as creators and embody our magnificence more fully in every moment, as are reborn anew each day!