Project Description

Laugter Makes Us Take Life Easy

Amit Kharbanda, Laugter Makes Us Take Life Easy

At the age of twenty I left my home and started traveling in search of the most essential question – Who Am I ? Learning and practising many different spiritual paths. After many years I became a Kundalini Yoga Professor and started teaching Kundalini Yoga in many different countries. One year ago, while I was conducting a Kundalini Yoga Seminar in Moscow a participant and a friend named Jason Farrell told me about Dr. Madan Kataria and the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training Courses happening in Bangalore. Since then laughter has become an easy part of my life, andI have been traveling for many years enjoying life in all its aspects.

Laughter is an amazing action-reaction system in our life which if done consciously it can transform our life very positively into a peaceful and joyful life – not to laugh at others, but to laugh at oneself and the circumstances of life. Through laughter, one is able to open an inner eye of awareness which shows us the ridiculousnessof almost all the events and circumstances of life which usually our mind makes us take them so seriously. It makes us lighter, and makes us take life easy and simple. Laughter makes us free, and with it we forget everything – where there is no you and me, there is only Oneness in Peace.