Project Description

Laughter Yoga In Kuwait

Amal Laughter Yoga In Kuwait  I recently did three Laughter Yoga sessions in Kuwait – the first was my family who at first thought it was peculiar, but soon accepted the idea and learned to laugh with me. We didabout 15 foundation exercises, gibberish conversations, and ended the session with chants of “We are the happiest people in the world”; “We are the healthiest people in the world”, and “We are Deverana Laughter Club Members.”

The second session was with a group of my “healing” friends. In the beginning everyone was shy and confused, until the laughter started to spread like an infection, and people started to enjoy doing laughter exercises. I also did Laughter Meditation, and ended the session with Yoga nidra which left the participants relaxed and stress free.

The third time, I was in a seminar in one of the hotels and everyone asked me to introduce them to Laughter Yoga, and do a couple of exercises. Though I wasn’t ready, I agreed and gave them a short introduction of the whole concept by explaining the 5 points, 3 reasons, and 5 benefits of Laughter Yoga. Then we started with the exercises, and ended with chants of “We are the happiest……..”

The participants in all the three groups were ladies who went feeling happy and joyful after the laughter sessions. In fact, they even nicknamed me the “Laughter Queen” ha ha ha ha