Project Description

A More Sensible Life With Laughter Yoga

Slash ColemanSlash Coleman, CLYT: Before discovering Laughter Yoga, I’d been writing and performing my off-beat storytelling shows in books, on stages, and on TV for over a decade and experimenting with how to create the right conditions for laughter in my work as a storyteller. The work it took to get a laugh was unbelievable. I’d sometimes spend 20 hours writing, rewriting and rehearsing one joke. On thing was sure, that although I made plenty of other people laugh, I rarely laughed myself.

It was only in 2013, when I suffered a lung collapse, my doctor recommended that laughter would help it heal. During my recovery, my life became remarkably different. I became isolated and spent less and less time around others. I quit performing and writing. It was after a year that I decided to look up Laughter Yoga and attend a session. Initially, I was apprehensive, but within ten minutes, I actually felt my lung healing as there was a surge of oxygen in my body. After the session I felt a profound sense of joy that seemed to be connected directly to the other participants and I no longer felt isolated.

Highly motivated, I trained as a laughter leader and set up my first Laughter Club.  I offered free sessions and went on to establish six free Laughter Clubs in my community including those that service military veterans, children with cancer, seniors, and those who suffer from alcohol, drug addiction and chronic pain.

Today, thanks to Laughter Yoga, I find myself living a more compassionate, virtuous and sensible life. I’m able to forgive more quickly, love more deeply and live more joyously. Best of all, I find myself in a growing community of people living their lives in a similar way.