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Why Laughter Yoga is superior to comedies and humorous videos
This is one question on the top of everybody’s mind - why should we force ourselves to laugh why not laugh by watching funny movies, jokes..
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Laughter Yoga Certification Online
Many LY professional asked if they can do online training with certification and the answer is ‘NO’. However, if you wish you can give a few lessons about the theory, concept, philosophy and teach some basic exercises online. You can charge 1/3 of the training amount and start giving online lessons followed by physical training when the situation gets better. You can provide a certificate when they come to physical training and pay the balance amount. There is no compromise in the number of hours for the training. Leader training you must complete 12 hours and for teacher training 40 hours. You can offer online 4-6 hours for leader training and 10-15 hours for teacher training.
IMPORTANT: it is just a temporary provision until the COVID crisis is over. We will get back to our regular formate of training afterwards.


Scientific research on laughter yoga from Auckland University, NZ
A Comparison of cardio vascular effects of simulated and spontaneous laughter. This study was published in Complementary Therapies in Medicine...
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Prozone Membership Reduced due to Covid-19 situation
Coronavirus has increased the demand for laughter yoga exponentially. There will be more opportunities for Laughter yoga professionals once the lockdown is over. COVID-19 has impacted the world economy, and we are happy to announce that we are reducing the price of prozone membership as follows. We will be creating more learning opportunities and post more videos to equip our laughter yoga professionals with more knowledge and skills.
We request you to renew your membership, and we have already made the necessary changes on the website about the price.
One year - USD 60 ( Earlier USD 99 )
Two years - USD 100 ( Earlier USD 170 )
Five Years - USD 250 ( Earlier USD 395 )
World Laughter Day


Celebrating World Laughter Day Online
Due to lockdown situation all laughter clubs are operating on zoom and Skype. I suggest we should celebrate World Laughter Day coming up...
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Worldwide Laughter Yoga Events
These events were organised by our Laughter Yoga Professionals.
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Bollywood Laughter Yoga Dance- A New Fitness Program
For the first time, we have developed a combination of aerobic dancing (Bollywood style) with laughter exercises and breathing exercises.
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Websites @ $ 999
We specialize in Laughter Yoga Websites for LY Professionals.You will get basic contents, photos and videos. This website will be customized for you in a week.
Responsive design
Modular layout
Repeatable modules
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"When you laugh you change, when you change the whole world changes" ~ Dr Madan Kataria
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