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At the costume party of the Laughter Yoga Teacher Training Course held by Japanese Laughter Yoga Association from September 19 to 23, 2015, I told a story that I had thought up on New Year’s Day. Here it is.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and laughter yoga

I had a strange dream on New Year’s day. It was a funny dream, but it was an interesting one. So I made up a story based on it.

As everybody knows, Prime Minister Abe held talks with President Xi Jinping in China where the APEC meeting was held last year. President Xi welcomed Prime Minister Abe with a sour face and shook hands with him. We Japanese felt extremely unhappy to see this.

The dream I had was about this, but it was quite different from what actually happened.

As soon as Prime Minister Abe shook hands with President Xi, he started laughing and said immediately to President Xi:
“In my Cabinet, we are practicing laughter yoga for 15 minutes before opening our cabinet meetings. Since the introducing laughter yoga, all cabinet members have started expressing their opinion actively and more and more good policies have emerged. As you know, laughter yoga has spread globally as a movement to bring peace to the world. In my Cabinet, we are promoting active peace diplomacy in the spirit of laughter yoga. I hope that your government also adopts laughter yoga in China, so that both the Japanese and Chinese governments do their best for the sake of world peace. Hahaha!
Listening to the speech of Prime Minister Abe, President Xi began laughing really heartily, and then both top leaders burst out laughing together.

After the talks, China admitted Japanese sovereignty over the Senkaku (Diaoyu) Islands, and relations between the two countries have been significantly improved. Foreign media watching the ending of this territorial dispute have appreciated it as the victory of Japan's laughter diplomacy.

Laughter yoga that can affect the peace of the world has been reviewed again, and Dr. Madan Kataria and Ms. Maduri were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize this year. I hope this dream comes true. Hahaha!