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Presentation Skills For Laughter Yoga Professionals

Using a microphone: Whenever you are using a handheld microphone, please do not put it in front of your mouth as your breathing will muffle the voice. Also, when you speak to people, they can understand you better if they can see your lip movement. Therefore, the right position of a microphone is to hold it just 1-2 inches away from your chin. This way, people can see your face clearly and read your lip movement and understand you correctly. Even the quality of sound will be excellent. Another point to keep in mind is that taking pictures with your microphone in front of your face is quite inappropriate.

Audiovisual aids: The best way to start your presentation is to show some videos because visuals speak greater than words. When people see pictures, they can feel the emotions and can understand Laughter Yoga better than plain explanation. It is one of the most motivating ways to start a presentation and inspire people.

Room set up: If you have a choice, it is better to use the width of the room. If you use the length, you might not have a good eye contact with people (see graphics) Also, if it is a small group and chairs are movable, ask the participants to bring the chairs closer so that you can have better eye contact with most of them. With this arrangement, you won’t even have to speak very loudly, which can get exhausting.
If the room has good lighting you can choose to come down amidst the audience and speak from the space in front of the stage rather than from the stage. This gives you more proximity with the crowd. But, if light is not sufficient in the audience area, remain on stage and conduct the proceedings.

Using power points: Power points are a very good way of making corporate presentations, where you can show pictures and graphics specifically to explain scientific research, studies, video clips, and any other data etc.
Reach before time: Please reach the venue at least 30 minutes before the presentation so that you can check the audiovisuals, room arrangement, lighting and other required setup. Always make it a point to check your audio video CDs and keep a backup of your presentation on a pen drive in case the DVDs or CDs don't work. Many times while making a presentation from a laptop, people do not connect the audio output to the speakers. Then they try to put the microphone on the laptop speakers which looks highly unprofessional. Therefore, make all the necessary changes and checks way in advance.

Use of standees: Make 1 or 2 good self-standing display standees of your name, brand, and your company with your photo that becomes a good visual for people to see and register with your Laughter Yoga organization.

Use Handouts & Flyers: Before you make any presentation you must keep some handouts ready which should be a 2 page summary of your presentation. At the end of it mention your email & contact number. It is a great idea to carry flyers and brochures about your forthcoming programs, but also remember to include information about your Laughter Club.