Liliana De Leo

It was June 2006. We were 15 people sitting in a circle, waiting for the class to begin. I was attending a 2-day training program to become a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

Robert Rivest, USA

My Tryst With Laughter Made Me A Better Person Robert Rivest: My background is in performing arts. I have been presenting comic mime, health, literacy and stress management educational programs in schools, libraries, and theaters for over 30 years. In 2009, Mary Rives and Keith Carlson offered a Laughter Yoga session at my performing arts…

Kathryn Kimmins – CLYT, Canada

2 day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training ” A week ago I had the great fortune to spend a weekend taking the Laughter Yoga leader training with Kathryn Kimmins. It was a life changer. First, let me say what an amazing person you are! You not only led us through all the intricacies of Laughter…

Lucia Mirabile – CLYL, Italy

Early years of life were marked by some painful events because I lost my parents and my relationship with my elderly sister was not very great. I felt depressed and was not interested in my future anymore. I lost all faith in life because of some negative job experiences and rampant corruption in the world.

Anne Timpany, USA

Laughter Yoga Eased My Labor Pains Eight years ago my son Cedar was born, changing my life forever. I had a water birth at home and during the last hours of labor, I got the giggles! Just when the labor got intense, it suddenly struck me as absurd that an entire person was coming out…

Francine Shore, USA

My mother always said that her two children had very hardy laughs. While my brother became an investment banker, I had to find something else to fall back

Kate Benak, USA

“Laughter Yoga is mindfulness based practice using fun and creative activity to reduce stress and create a sense of connection and well being,”

Lauro Lestani, Italy

I am a massage therapist and also teach Hatha Yoga. When I was six years old, my parents owned a bar, but unfortunately they did not get along.

Antonella Manna,Italy

Antonella Manna,Italy:health professional: For several months now, I go regularly to the oncology department to bring more laughter

Fla Geyser, Thailand

Fla Geyser,Thailand:To share this story I need to go back in time to 2008 when I arrived at a point when I had to make some big changes

My Laughter Yoga Journey

Sharon NgYoke Chan, Malaysia

Sharon,malaysia: I got to know about Laughter Yoga a few years ago at a Yoga Studio where I attended a 2 days laughter workshop.

40 Days Laughter Challenge

Varuna Khullar, India

VarunaKhullar,India:Little did I know on completion of my Laughter Teacher Training on 31st May, 2015, that it will change my life forever

Loretta Laughter Yoga helped Me Cope With My Pain

Loretta Bert, Italy

Loretta Bert,Italy:I had experience with physically and mentally challenged participants, with prisoners, with blind people.

Vijay Sabharwall Laughter Yoga Has Done Wonders For Me!

Vijay Sabharwall, India

Vijay Sabharwall,India:My husband after seeing the change in my health continues to encourage me to go to the Laughter club

Elvie_Punzalan Laughter Yoga – A Great Healer!

Elvie Punzalan-Estavillo

Laughter Yoga is very enjoyable. It makes people laugh even when they are sad and have problems. It removes stress

Kitty My Experience of World Laughter Day in Taiwan

Kitty, Hong Kong

Kitty, Hong Kong:The only ‘decoration’ in the venue was yellow flags representing different laughing clubs from all over Taiwan.

Bernadette Mcgree Laughter Yoga - How Does It Feel?

Bernadette Mcgree, Ireland

Bernadette Mcgree, Ireland:It’s just laughing for no reason with a bunch of other people that are laughing for no reason and you feel good afterwards.

Angēla Essick Dykes Laughter Yoga Helps To Regain Joy

Angēla Essick Dykes, MI USA

Angela Essick Dykes,USA:Even though her first round with Laughter Yoga wasn’t that great, she came back for a second time and felt different after leaving

Laughter Yoga Keeps One Healthy & Happy Jakarta

Anak Agung Gede Sukarena, Jakarta

Anak Agung Gede Sukarena,Indonesia:When no medicines helped he resorted to meditation as well as Laughter Yoga and felt much better.

Piotr Bielski How Laughter Yoga Changed my Life

Piotr Bielski, Poland

Piotr Bielski, Poland:These Laughter Yoga trips also aim at promoting the concept and making people aware of the enormous benefits of laughing.

Lauren Hunt How Laughter Yoga Saved My Marriage

Lauren Hunt, USA

Lauren Hunt, USA: I discovered that this was a unique concept where anyone could laugh for no reason

Erdinc Laughter Yoga Changed My perspective

Erdinc, USA

Erdinc, USA: it has taught me to have a lighter perspective. It has given me the ability to have a joyful approach to the journey of life.

Chandanna Denzayll Laughter Yoga First Aid!

Chandanna Denzayll, Malaysia

Chandanna Denzayll, Malaysia: In conclusion, Laughter Yoga really works as an effective means of bringing relief in situations of intense pain and trauma

Dr. Annelie Gareis Laughter Story of Dr. Annelie Gareis

Dr. Annelie Gareis, Ecuador

Dr. Annelie Gareis, Ecuador: I have found my place in this life, where I can feel the joy of life by doing what I really like