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Rainee – USA

The Gift of Unconditional Joy Rainee: I've always been a happy person, even when many things in my world have been painful. Many throughout my life have asked me, "Are you ever down?" Of course, being human, down times are bound to happen. Most of the time, I only talk


This is my LY club via skype. Welcome in! ;) I run it from monday to friday, every week. At 7am (Italian time). It last 10 minutes per session. It is obviously free based. You need a pc, internet connection, headset. Type "smilepowerclub" to connect and ask me to join.

Laughter Yoga Sampler Around The World!

Laughter Yoga Sampler Around the World A Poem by Melanie Laughter Yoga in Businesses in AUSTRALIA with MERV, The more you laugh- the smile on your face has a bigger CURVE, Laughter Yoga for joy and fun in AUSTRIA with THOMAS, Laughing is profound- so many people have experienced and

If you are Happy and you Know it clap your hand!

I just added this song to my Laughter Sessions, not all the time just for a change now and then. Most Australians will know the song, however I changed some of it, to fit Laughter Yoga. If your Happy and you now it clap your hands ( He Ha) If

Indoreans laugh with the whole world on the occasion of World Laughter Day

A bunch of laughter lovers from all age groups gathered at the lovely Suniket park in the midst of Indore to celebrate World Laughter Day early in the morning. The message of health, happiness and world peace was spread amongst the members through ‘rumour clinic’, an innovative act of communication.

O bonobo.. bonobo.. o no.. bonobo!

She is a sweet girl from an ancient Latin American country. Her laugh is funny and naughty. We often laugh together on Skype laughter club. On the day she joins us, we know that she will make our day with her bubbly bursts. Everyone online has to love her. She

Laughter Yoga with a Parkinson’s support group.

Very excited to have worked with a Parkinson's disease support group last month in London. I have been a fan of my colleague in the USA Gita Fendelman since stumbling upon her work with those suffering from chronic conditions. I had not realised that Gita is a parkinsons sufferer. This

The First Ever Online Laughter Yoga Marathon A Grand Success

The first ever online Laughter Yoga Marathon organized by Skype Laughter Club, an online community of laughter lovers, was grand success with more than 350 participants from all time zones including New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, India, Bahrain, Israel, South Africa Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Finland, Canada, USA, Brazil