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Skype laughter club gaining popularity

Skype Laughter Club is an online community of laughter lovers from all over the world who connect through laughter. It was started by Anu and Ines fromFinlanda few years ago.

Laugh with the World on Skype

Do you wish to laugh with a group but can’t find a laughter club in your neighbourhood? Do you love to laugh but can’t step out of your place to do so? Are you too busy to spare time for laughter? Skype laughter club is the answer to all these

Corporate Laughter Yoga Session On Skype

The participants were aged 30s to 60s (male and female), along with one boy about 11 years old. After some introductory words, the webcam in Connecticut was turned so the Laughter Yoga Trainer could see the group.

Skype Laughter Club

Laughter Clubs are really going places. First, it was the Phone Laughter clubs and now Skype Laughter Clubs on the internet. You can just call...

24-hour long Laughter Marathon on Skype

Skype Laughter Club will be conducting a 24-hour long Laughter Marathon during the coming weekend. It will be flagged off at 00.30 hours on Saturday-Sunday midnight and continue for the next 24 hours. More than a thousand laughter lovers from all over the world are expected to join this laughter

Rainee – USA

The Gift of Unconditional Joy Rainee: I've always been a happy person, even when many things in my world have been painful. Many throughout my life have asked me, "Are you ever down?" Of course, being human, down times are bound to happen. Most of the time, I only talk


This is my LY club via skype. Welcome in! ;) I run it from monday to friday, every week. At 7am (Italian time). It last 10 minutes per session. It is obviously free based. You need a pc, internet connection, headset. Type "smilepowerclub" to connect and ask me to join.