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Wednesday, 24 April 2013 15:27:39

Our time in Mumbai was memorable, not only because we spent alot of time with Madhuri and Madan there, but we visited and laughed at the birth place of Laughter Yoga and also saw the plaques on the seats in the park for the parents of Madan and Madhuri, please see the photos.

I can see why Madan chose that park, as it is always full of people walking, talking, laughing doing Hatha Yoga as I did with Madhuri, I have never seen a park used and appreciated 'so much'.  The Laughter Club early in the morning was a treat, we went there a couple of times, and were welcomed lovingly and laughingly.

We felt really comfortable in the outer suburb of Mumbai, with strip shops and markets, we quite enjoyed walking up and down smiling and laughing with all the locals.

A special treat for us and a complete surprise was the night that Madan took us, to a Special Ashram where his Mother went frequently and we were honoured to meet one of Madan's Mothers friends, that night we laughed, chanted and danced. Oh Wow what a night and then to top if off, we were given gifts, Des a special gold coin to place in the room where he meditates and me a gold necklace, a beatle, the wings open to show a watch...I felt and still feel very blessed.

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