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 We arrive in Bangalore February 10th, this year we would like to visit Laughter Clubs in Bangalore,Puttaparthi, Goa, Dellhi, Goa, Mysore, maybe Sri Lanka and some more. If you live anywhere near any of these places, or even other places because we have seven weeks to travell, please contact me. My husband Des and I would love to laugh and meet you, there is no better way to create World peace (Madan's wish) than to laugh with people from all over the world. My emaillaughtercaz@yahoo.com.au and we will have India sim cards for mobile phones when we arrive which I will advise the Laughter Yoga office of the numbers. Love to hear from you. Ho Hol Ha Ha Ha (please contact Madan Kataria, if you would like us to visit your Club or if you would like to offer us homestay, we offer homestay if you come to Melbourne, Australia and even travel )
Please watch this space, as our trip is now near, (10th), I will update this space whenever I can, and let you know where we are........Update 23rd Feb.

We have been to Puttaparthi, one of the most SPiritual Places I know, while there, and walking the wrong way, we came across a village school, we only knew cause we heard the children, I walked in and offered a Laughter Session, the Head Master only spoke broken english but understood with my actions and laughter so two days later Des and I presented Laughter Yoga to over 100 children, it was a Total success, we gave out lollies and photos of our Precious Avatar, Sai Baba and also presented the school with Paper for children school work.

We were totaly overwhelmed by the response and Joy we all felt, even the teachers were like children. The next day a boy from another school walked beside me and asked me to come to his school. We have been asked when we return to Puttaparthi to repeat the experience, and of course we will love to. Our entire 5 days there were a Blessing to us. We are in Bangalore for one and half days and then poff to Sri Lanka, where as far as we know there are no Laughter CLubs there, so guess what, I will be trying my best to get one going... Ho HO Ha Ha Ha


Update April, 2011

Firstly, I would like to apologise to all the CLubs in Bangalore we did not get to visit and Laugh with, especially the CLub that I rang and spoke to and said we would be there. Nothing turned out like I planned. When we arrived we purchased pre paid sim cards for our mobile phones, but they did not work, so that money was just wasted. We had great difficulty trying to ring people any other way as well, even one of the Hotels we stayed, their phones did not work. Then we ended up staying too far away (out of our control) that it was nearly impossible to get to a Laughter CLub. Some time ago, I wrote a blog about my belief in the art of surrender, Well that believe really got tested during this time. I told myself to look at the positives, we were very lucky to participate in Dr Katarias Laughter Session for a Corporate Group, that was Excellent. ALso to stay with Madan and hear about the excitiement of the Laughter Yoga University.

My belief in surrender was also tested in other ways, but through it all, I did learn alot about myself, and even though I did at first react in a usual human way, (stressed), it did not take long, for me to remember to look at the positives and surrender to the moment,and laugh and then we had a Woderful time. I was also tested because I became very sick, with whooping cough symptoms including vomiting after coughing alot, this was happening when we arrived in Indore, however I was very 'blessed' because we found that we were staying with Angels with the name Jagat and Radhika Bisht, (laughter Yoga leader/teacher). Jagat is a Great organiser, he had everything planned for us, Laughter Sessions all over the place and newspaper interviews arranged. Radhika is a loving caring Angel, who took care of us, every day in every way. Jagat's Mother became very special to me. SO even though I was sick, and Laughter Sessions were the worst thing I could do, because we all know that we need to rest, Laughter uses healing energy. All the energy I used for every session that Jagat arranged was worth it. The Joy we all received, the memories I have of the Love and Joy during that week, was worth it all.

The sight seeing trip we went on with Jagat to Maheshwa, was amazing, we felt very blessed and lucky to experience that entire day. Our experiences with these three gorgeous people are countless and I can not thank them all enough.

We will add some photos, soon.........The Best way to spread World Peace is to share our Laughter Yoga with as many people as possible all over the World.I believe, it does not matter if an individual isa making little ripples with Laughter Yoga, or Large Waves, it does not even matter if the pond seems still, as long as we are laughing and living Laughter Yoga, we are spreading Joy and helping Madan to fulfill his wish of World Peace through laughter Yoga. The Laughter Yoga as water in our lifes still splashes and spills over all we come into contact with. So dont worry if your work is not as big and as fantastic as someone elses, Laughter Yoga is not about a huge ego...Joy is not about Ego... Love and Laughter is about innocense, the Joy of the Heart, only when we are child like can we go to heaven with Laughter Yoga....Ho HO Ha Ha Ha, so allow your WELL of Laughter Yoga to flow wherever you Go...

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