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A young man who had come a few times had not been to Laughter Club in 2 weeks. He returned today. He shared with me that he had stayed away because his brothers' roomate had committed suicide 2 weeks ago and he was upset about it as were his family and friends. He had been around a lot of sadness and negative energy. He came back to Laughter Club today to see if it would help him to release some of the sadness. He came up to me afterwards and shared this story and shared that his background is Native American. He said he understood what was happening with Laughter Yoga and that there was definitely an energy release occurring. Anyway, he did feel better and said he will be returning to Laughter club.

I too, am coming to realize that there is an "energy" exchange occurring. I have noticed myself that as my own Yoga practice has deepened and my own energy and strength has become more balanced and centered. that people respond to the Laughter Yoga and to me as a Leader in a much better and easier way than they did before. It has worked much better. In Yoga they talk alot about getting the ego out of the way and not getting too attached. I've begun to realize that Laughter Yoga is a great place to learn to understand those lessons. The more I've gotten my own ego out of way and not become so attached to the outcome, and just done it with an open heart, the better it works!
Love and Laughter,