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Happy New Year 2011 🙂
Before I write My Resolutions or Laugholutions for 2011, I will briefly share my life story & recap 2010.
Having studied Self Empowerment & Wellness for Years, I clearly know that who I am today is a direct relationship to my Mother and Father.
A little about my Mother & Father:
My Mother: My biological Mother, Marilyn, passed away when I was 8 Years Young She took her own life.
My Father: I did a search for my Father, Henry, and found him when he was 81 years young.
I later became adopted and due to many misunderstandings and situations, I haven't talked to a large part of my adopted family in 19 Years. I am in the process of reconnecting with many of them.
Needlesstosay, there have been many times in my life, that I didn't laugh.
Even though I have been teaching Laughter Yoga for 3 Years, I believe that in 2010, I have finally reached a point where I have given myself permission to laugh. Laugh for the Joy of Living that is. There are still many days that I don't feel like laughing; however, the more I practice laughing for the Joy of Living, the more it has become Natural & Authentic.
2010 was a year of Great Transformation in ALL areas of My Life. I am grateful for the many friends & family who have made a HUGE difference to me in 2010 including: Esin, Alex, Kenn, Mark, Akif, Ted, Dr. Kataria, Angie, Jessica, Ron, Doris, Alexa, Lillie, Scott, Sara, Tony, Michael, Alexis, Kim, Kimberly, Chris, Sue, Laura, Nita, Jean, Sue, CJ, Nicole, Lisa, Diane, Rachel, Melanie, Robert, Victoria, Glen, Jennifer, Harry, Ernie, Lisa, Alisa, Tom, John and SOOO many others. I am forever grateful.
Here are my 11 Laugholutions for 2011 🙂
1. To practice being a Happy Go Lucky Me 🙂 with all that Life brings me.
2. To give myself permission to add the 4 Elements of Joy into My Life Everyday~ Laughter, Singing, Dancing & Playfullness
3. To practice Loving Myself More Everyday.
4. To Have Deeper & Authentic Relationships with Friends.
5. To Have Deeper & Authentic Relationships with Family.
6. To Do More of the Things I LOVE, Everyday 🙂
7. To Be Grateful Always 🙂
8. To Forgive Others & Myself Daily.
9. To Learn, Grow & Evolve Daily.
10. To Continue to do those things for My Personal Wellness Daily.
11. To give myself permission to ADD or TAKE AWAY anything on this list at ANYTIME 🙂
What are your Laugholutions ?
Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love,