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New - Skype Laughter Club Canada

Laughter Club Canada launched on Monday, January 11 to join an international network of Skype Laughter Clubs.

Originators, Ines Schwarz from Austria and Anu Saari from Finland, created the first Skype Laughter Club in 2009. This idea has proved to be an effective means of communication for laughter lovers around the world who may not have a regular laughter club nearby or cannot get to one. The Skype Laughter Club allows participants to join in from home or even on location from PC, laptop or mobile phone. Many regular laughter clubs may not meet for a week or more and Skype allows those who wish to laugh in a group dynamic on a daily basis.

Members call in at designated times and are added to the group laughter session by the club host. No speaking takes place other than an initial ‘ ha ha ha… ‘ . Messaging takes place using the available text box during the call.

Skype Laughter Club Canada operated a laughter marathon on Sunday, January 17 providing twenty minute laughter sessions on the hour each hour from 10am to 10pm EST (Eastern Standard Time). Many joined in through the day for the amount of sessions that were available in their schedule. Some continued to laugh for seven or more sessions. It was a great success with participants joining in from USA, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, India, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Thailand and across Canada. Requests were received for more Skype Laughter marathons and future events will be taking place.

Skype Laughter Club Canada operates on a daily basis running a twenty minute laughter session at 10am EST with additional times coming soon. Anyone can join in by contacting the club using Skype ID laughterclub_canada.

For myself, I have found the Skype laughter club to be a great way to develop and deepen my own practice of laughter while contributing to the online group dynamic.

For information on Skype Laughter Clubs around the world, link here: http://skype.laughteryoga.org