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New DVD LaunchedOne On One Laughter Coaching

This is a new program which enables people to learn and teachers to coach Laughter Yoga exercises One-on-One. The format includes one lesson every week for eight weeks interspersed with practice sessions at home and on the phone with the coach. This is the actual video of one on one coaching done by Dr. Madan Kataria with his student Preeti Koppikar who had no past experience of Laughter Yoga.

This will bring more business opportunities for LY professionals who find it hard ti get big groups for training but there are many people who want to add more laughter to their life and are willing to learn more about Laughter Yoga practices.

Who needs it : This is ideally suited for people who have no access to Laughter Clubs, who are introvert and shy, for older people who have forgotten to laugh, physically challenged and bedridden and also for those who are facing enormous stress and depression.

Lesson – 1

Introduction, History, Concept and Philosophy behind Laughter Yoga : Dr. K explains what is Laughter Yoga, how it evolved and the scientific rationale and health benefits of laughing without a reason. He evaluates the Laughter Quotient (LQ) which measures a person's ability to laugh, personality type, level of playfulness, sense of humor, ability to express emotions, ability to cope with challenges and communication skills etc. This explanatory session is followed by warming up exercises to loosen the inhibition and shyness. At the end he laughs with Preeti over the phone and does some laughter exercises.

Lesson – 2

Fake it until you make it: In this lesson Dr. K explains the scientific fact that even if one pretends to laugh the body does not know the difference -- one gets the same health benefits whether laughter is real or fake. He teaches series of fake laughter exercises and voice reinforcement techniques that eventually leads to spontaneous laughter.

Lesson – 3

Motion creates emotion: Dr. K explains how one can laugh even if one doesn't feel like laughing with the help of a scientific theory of Motion creates Emotion. He also describes the two-way link between the body and mind and how we can change our state of mind by changing body behavior and vice versa. This is followed by laughter and breathing exercises which help to move the body and change the mental state. He also demonstrates Ho Ho Ha Ha dancing technique which we use in laughter clubs very often.

Lesson – 4

Difference between Happiness and Joy: Happiness is a conditional response depending upon many reasons of life while joy is an unconditional commitment to have fun from within. It is not dependent on any outside factors. Joy can be induced by simple body behavior like singing, dancing, playing and laughing. This changes the mood state and makes one feel more cheerful and positive. Dr. K also demonstrates different techniques and laughter exercises which help to cultivate a joyful state of mind.

Lesson – 5

You can train your Body and Mind to Laugh: The theme of this lesson is based on the science of neuro linguistic programming. How one can train the body and mind to laugh and create a joyful state simply by repeating a particular set of body behavior like playing and laughing. He also explains different ‘anchors’ we use in laughter clubs that trigger the release of certain chemicals and our body and mind becomes conditioned to laugh.

Lesson – 6

Connection between Breathing and Laughter: Breathing is fundamental to our life. Ongoing scientific research tells us that the root cause of all illnesses is lack of oxygen in the body cells. This is due to incorrect breathing in our daily life. Dr. K explains how laughter and breathing exercises from yoga can help bring more oxygen to our body and brain. In this lesson he demonstrates five basic breathing exercises from yoga mainly Kapalbhati, Anulom Vilom, Synchronised breathing, Mindful breathing and Humming.

Lesson – 7

Bringing Laughter Yoga into real life: Based on his experience Dr. K explains how the wisdom of Laughter Yoga exercises can be applied in real-life situations to bring about transformation and help cope with the challenges of life. He talks about doing laughter exercises when one is angry and the mind is in turmoil, how to laugh alone, laughing in the face of free floating hostilities of daily life like delays, traffic jams, inappropriate behavior of other people and when things are not working according to expectations and many other daily irritants. Doing Laughter Yoga on a regular basis creates a positive mental attitude and people find it easier to cope with difficulties with a smile on your face. Dr. K also helps Preeti overcome her psychological barriers by playing with silliness using humor props and taking a ‘silly walk’ in the street.

Lesson - 8

Evaluation and commitment: At the end of One- on-One coaching Dr. K again evaluates Preeti’s knowledge in the skills she acquired during the eight weeks of training and assesses her Laughter Quotient. He finds significant improvement in her ability to laugh, energy level, playfulness, sense of humor, ability to express emotions and cope with challenges. Her stress levels, depression and anger had also reduced.

Dr. K motivates and inspires her to continue Laughter Yoga practice everyday and assures her of his support as her coach to bring more laughter and joy in her life.

At the end of this DVD there are two inspiring laughter sessions. One is with a young man from Mumbai who is paralyzed and bedridden following an accident. The other one is with a young woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis which is a chronic and debilitating disease.
This makes us believe that One-on-One LY coaching is an excellent program to help individuals learn the techniques of Laughter Yoga to get multiple health benefits and become a part of the worldwide Laughter Yoga community.

Price: US$ 165.00 (including shipping & handling)
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