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Nasik – Main ‘Laughter Center’ Of MaharashtraThe Laughing Club Of Nasik recently celebrated its 13th anniversary in the presence of Dr Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri Kataria. While addressing the gathering, Dr Kataria announced that Nasik will be the main laughing center of Maharashtra. He urged Mr. Ramesh Dhongade, the Standing Committee Member of Nashik Municipal Corporation to render all necessary assistance for the same.

Dr Kataria further said that the benefits of laughter in today’s stressful and hectic times are known to everyone. It is for this reason that the movement has spread to over 72 countries and has helped thousands of people worldwide to relieve their stress and get more laughter into their lives.

On the occasion, the club paid a touching tribute to the late Laxminarayan Kalantri, President of the Anand Laugh Club and Dr Kataria honoured him with the Hasyaratna Award posthumously. The attendees also included Dr. Sushma Dugad (President of Maharashtra Laughter Union), Aditi Waghrnare (District Co-ordinator), Dr. Madhav Mhaske, and many other laughter leaders.

There was much revelry and laughter as the program concluded and once again people realized the power of Laughter Yoga and how it is providing several benefits to make life stress free and joyful.Nasik – Main ‘Laughter Center’ Of Maharashtra