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Well I've just returned from Denver Colorado where I attended the 4th All American Laughter Yoga Conference. It could be summed up in just one word...WOW ! ! ! The Americans have a tendency to be "way out there" at the best of times but they went "over the top" with this one. Even the fact that my luggage took a three day detour via Alaska didn't deter me from having a truly once in a lifetime experiencen
It was held at the Roadway Inn at Estes Park. This is a little town nestled in the foothills of the Rocky mountains and at the entrance to the Rocky Mountains National Park. From the Conference Room window you could see what was a postcard picture of a horizon filled with snow capped peaks, lakes, birds, and even herds of Elk. It took your breath away. Not just literally but actually. Several of the group (including myself) experienced altitude sickness. The cure...more laughter of course

For many years now I've heard the Good Doctor talking about Laughter Yoga in prisons, schools, elderly homes, and the likes. What I didn't know was what I was about to hear from the presenters there. Laughter Yoga in End of Life Facilities for Children was amazing. A Laughter Yoga Club which operates every day on a beach in Laguna. A Laughter Yoga Phone Line that operates 11 times a day every day throughout the country. A Laughter Yoga Radio Show that airs in Jamaica. But the highlight for me was when a disabled person stood up and told us how he was presenting Laughter Yoga to disabled people. There wasn't a dry eye in the housen
I hope our own 2004 Australasian Conference next month will be just as powerful and informative