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Hi everyone. I am currently studying online using 'Laughter Online University', created by Sebastien Gendry. I am finding it to be a powerful resource. I recommend this as a complement to any of the live trainings already available.here is a transcript to one of my assignments. This is my story - what's your story. Thanks
My Story

Seven years ago, my therapist asked me if I would like to learn how to laugh. I've been laughing ever since - not constantly, but consistently. I learned how to laugh openly and honestly through laughter yoga.
As a child, I laughed a lot, and cried of course. In one of my earliest memories I am sitting in the window frame of my bedroom with my older brother, rocking back and forth and we are both laughing together, gleefully.


As an adult, my laughter became cynical as I took on the weight of the world. How could anybody laugh when life was so serious....haha. My saving grace was my ability to hear some of my friends who suggested I seek help - quite a few friends actually. I was sick and I didn't realise how ill I had become. So my introduction to Laughter Yoga came during a weekend workshop titled 'Anger, Rage and Violation'. Seems quite funny to me now when I think of it - laughter, the perfect antidote. In a large enough quantity to flush out the system. There we were - fourteen men in a room laughing our heads off.
The therapist who presented this workshop became a mentor and brought me back to life. He is the man that introduced me to his friend Dr. Kataria, who came to Toronto to give a workshop on laughter - a different kind of laughter - as adults we tend to laugh from the head. Laughter yoga is full body laughter. I was so surprised by how detached I had become from my body - living only in my head, expecting my body to transport me, just like a vehicle, wherever I needed to be, without even a thank you.


Laughter Yoga is the practice that has brought the most joy into my life. Wonderful, simple and profound. Who would have thought? hahahaha.