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Carolyn Nicholson, Australia

I have worked in the natural healing field for over 20 years, and qualified and trained in several areas, Counselling, Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Vibrational Healing, Reiki Master, Trance Dance Facilitator, Pranic Healing, Crystal and Colour Healing and I have facilitated courses and workshops on Healing, Self Esteem, Meditation and Dolphin Tours.
I grew up with laughter, my family always liked to laugh and while working in my own natural healing business in Mildura and surfing the net (the only way I can surf Ha Ha), I decided to check out the word Laughter and thats where I found Laughter Yoga where it all started, I did my initial training in Melbourne and then when the Katarias came to Melbourne and meeting the Fantastic Two, the rest is history. I consider them to be close friends.
I have founded and started three Laughter Clubs, the first in Mildura in 2004 and then in Eltham, Victoria, Australia. I started in 2005 and when I moved in May 2011 I passed it over to my trained Leaders to run, and then I moved close to the Maribyrnong River, so my new Laugher Club is called River Laughter Club.. We also have visited, stayed and laughed and laughed with Madan and Madhuri for a very priveleged time in India.
Laughter Yoga has changed my life forever, the Joy I experience since finding Laughter Yoga does not leave, I find that my life is so much lighter and easier, yes I am Human and I have all the emotions that all humans have, however all those emotions that we consider to be negative are so much easier to go through now I have Laughter Yoga, Laughter is my stress reduction tool. Ho Ho Ha Ha is the best way to relieve that buzzing energy that occurs in a stressful state.
Laughter Yoga has saved and is still saving my Husbands life along with daily meditation and self awareness. (you can read more about that elsewhere on this site).
After five years, I find myself laughing without any conscious thought, Laughter and Joy is as easy as it is for children. I give thanks for Laughter Yoga on a daily basis.
Carolyn Nicholson
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