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This week, we will be celebrating our 13th anniversary in Gatineau! 13 years of sharing laughter – and sometimes tears! – and being happier week after week… In my case, I have a confession to make. This commitment required a lot of love and attention and work, but it probably saved my sanity over the years!
I'm just like every body else! It's not because I'm a Laughter Yoga professional (I made it my business for over 7 years now) that I don't experience the "not so cool" times in my life. I'm upset, I'm frustrated, I'm sad, I'm hurt… and I'm stressed! But this weekly commitment, to show up, lead a laughter yoga session with whoever is there, well it has been a sanity savior for me!
Whatever challenge I'm facing, whatever difficulty or storm I'm dealing with, having to be there and laugh with my Laughter Club Family is making me feel sooooooooooo much better! Week after week…
Sure, sometimes, I think it's a lot of work and some evenings I'm really not in good shape when I arrive. Sometimes I even apologize right at the beginning for my lack of energy or stamina… but what happens is that I FORGET ABOUT EVERYTHING while I'm there laughing! And frankly people don't SEE my mistakes or my tiredness. They simply enjoy every minute with me laughing – as I do with them!
Seriously guys, a social laughter club might be the BEST THING that happens in your life as it is in mine!
The physical experience of going somewhere TO LAUGH with others is simply so very rewarding and we all feel so much more connected to each other after an hour of sharing laughter. Nothing compares to that…
It is worth every minute you get involved in that.
Be well and keep smiling
Your HAHA Sister