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My first experience in India: Laughter Yoga d what a wonderful way to discover a country! Already during the flight I was living the fun & creation awaiting me: people were incredibly friendly, always so very helpful, bringing you to the proper airport shuttle when you change flights, almost holding your hand to make sure you are OK……. You feel like royalty! How does it get any better than this?

I am greeted by Gandhi at the Mumbai airport where I have a connecting flight to Bengaluru. I feel peace invading my every cell. It feels all so real! I’m on a peace mission through laughter! Determined!

On the plane I meet a university student from the States studying IT in Bangalore, and after a few minutes we were exchanging contacts and making sure we connect for a laughter yoga session somewhere in town. Elderly people waiting on a bench with me tell me all about their experience of Laughter Yoga! I know without a doubt that I have arrived at the Laughter Capital of the World! hahaha

I have no shame upon my arrival at the Bengaluru airport, to put on my red nose to greet the people picking me up from the LY University! Then I get a chance to meet all the happy faces of those working at the Laughter University offices with a ha ha ho ho greeting!

From that very moment, I knew I was at home, laughing all the way!

Joelle Moore

Volunteer at the LY University