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While in India in 2009, we visited an Ashram that had a Pet very Young Elephant, it was a Wonderful experience so this year in March, we visited her again, she (the elephant) had grown more, still not an adult though. She remembered us (I believe), we were told we could feed her, so we went off and purchased cucumbers, oranges and bananas.Her favourite was the cucumbers, we were encouraged to feed her through the mouth and not the trunk, to my surprise she did not like the bananas at all, and just like a spoiled child, spat the bananas out, every time, I gave it to her however her keeper demanded that she ate it and eventually with lots coaxing she did. The entire time I was feeding her, I was talking to her, and touching her head and the area between her eyes, and she began to smile. It was a very touching time.

The keeper suggested we come back in a couple of days with more food, so we did, we took Papaya, Cucumbers, Oranges but no Bananas, she was very Happy about that and enjoyed every thing we fed her.

While we were waiting for the keeper to come and allow us to enter, when we first arrived, I sang to her, and she moved her head and trunk to the tune I sang.

After I finished feeding the elephant, I started to stroke her the same way as I had done two days before but this time the keeper said "No, dont touch her on the head"...I thought to myself,' Huh, I was doing exactly the same thing the other day and No one said a word.'......as I had this thought, my gorgeous new friend - the elephant, bent her head and pushed her head into me, side ways.........The keeper then said "Look, she (the elephant) is smiling -quickly take a photo"...

That moment for me, was 'so amazing, so touching and so filled with Love and Joy', I will never forget it.....(I have an elephant memory by the way, ha ha)...............and then to top that off, we also got to take part in bathing her, well, more like scrubbing her, she smiled the entire time.

I wonder if it all has anything to do with Loving and collecting elephants all my adult life.

That 'life time Love' sure came back to me.

I hope to show you a photo of that moment, very soon, when we get it all organised.

Love and giggles