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January 5, 2011

Do you HAVE to LAUGH ? or

Do you GET to LAUGH ?

Today, I visited Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, KY with Denise Metzger Taylor for Wacky Wednesdays. Wacky Wednesday was created by Denise in memory of her daughter, Jonnae Taylor, who passed away of Leukemia.

Here is more information according to her website: www.wegetto.com/wacky.html

Laughter is great medicine! When Jonnae was missing her school's Spirit Week and Wacky Wednesday while recovering from her bone marrow transplant, she was disappointed. So Denise suggested they get wacky in the hospital. The result...silliness replaced the sickness that day and the side effects were wonderful.
In celebration of Jonnae and in honoring her spirit, Denise and a host of volunteers provide a hefty dose of wacky silliness when they visit the children’s hospital on Wednesday to pass out wacky hats, glasses, boas and tattoos. The healing that comes from the laughter is magical!!!
If we can get casual on Fridays, we can get Wacky on Wednesdays. If stress leads to sickness, we could all use more silliness as the anecdote.

also shares the " WE GET TO MESSAGE "

Do you often times feel like you HAVE to do things in your life ? Her inspiring story reminds us ALL that WE GET TO....

Here is more information from her website:

The "We Get To" Challenge

Imagine what life would be like if you could dissolve challenges and adversities with the exchange of one word. It's possible!

While Jonnae was battling leukemia, she heard we should stop complaining about the things we "have to" do and choose instead to see how we "GET To" do them. It changed everything!

Not one to complain or host a pity party for herself, one day Jonnae was getting sick from her chemo and succumbed to fatigue and sorrow. As she shed tears, she cried, "I hate this!" With a broken heart, Denise wanted to cry with her daughter and say she hated it too, but instead these are the words that came from mouth, "You don't have to get chemo. You GET TO." Together, with the awareness of how things could be worse, they miraculously transformed from victims to victors.

No instance is too large or too small for the power of this word to shift one from being burdened to being conscious of blessings. It truly is life changing.

How will you incorporate the practice into your life? Maybe your family can do something together, not because they have to but because they get to. Maybe you will challenge your office or church group to share examples of things they had forgotten are blessings that they GET TO do. Will you share your examples with others so they too will become conscious of a life that is blessed? Get creative! Frame your own challenge. On her website, Sign up as a member and share your thoughts. We will select the most active participant, a powerful example, or creative idea to receive "GET TO" bands, bookmarks, and a copy of "Heavenly Birth - A Mother's Journey. A Daughter's Legacy" each month.

The biggest benefit of replacing the " HAVE TO's " with " GET TO's "  is experienced when we do it with the things that aren't easy to be thankful for. Gratitude for the things we enjoy is important and beneficial however it's when our perspective for the things we don't embrace or enjoy is changed when we understand that we " GET TO " enjoy them instead of something worse or more painful. Make sense? Consider remembering that you " GET TO " Everything in your LIFE ~ the easy things and the things that may seem challenging at times.

Today, I am reminded of ALL THE things I GET to do TODAY and in 2011.

I GET TO laugh.

I GET TO do laughter yoga.

I GET TO exercise.

I GET TO clean my house.

I GET TO make that call that I don't want to make.

I GET TO get organized.

I GET TO work.

I GET TO go through emails.

I GET TO write this Laughter Yoga Report/blog.

What Do You "GET TO" do today ?

To contact Denise, please go to her website: www.wegetto.com

Love to Laugh ~ Laugh to Love,