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Professor Pankaj Sachdeva in Brampton, Ontario sent me news to share with everyone. Pankaj is fluent in six languages, teaches English as a Second Language (TESL) and brings Laughter Yoga into the classroom. A great way to encourage positive group dynamics for learning. Here is her message -


I am so pleased to inform you that I had presented two workshops for ESL and LINC teachers at The TESL Conferences, and the topic of my presentation was LAUGHTER YOGA AS AN ICE BREAKER FOR ESL CLASSES.It was so well attended and appreciated.One of my presentations was at National annual TESL


Conference in Toronto and other was at the local level of Peel and Halton. I've


also presented at some schools of Peel District School Board.It feels great when


people show positive feedback toward Laughter Yoga.


Festivities ofJOYEUX NOËL


Greetings forJoyful, Healthy Year


May your days be full ofPeaceandLaughter


Today, Tomorrow, EverandThereafter


Pankaj- LY Leader