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Message from Dr Kataria on World Laughter DayMy Dear Laughter Friends,

World Laughter Day is customarily celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year. This year on 1st of May, thousands of people in more than 70 countries will laugh together to promote peace and harmony in the midst of natural disasters, global unrest, violence and terrorism, all of which has disrupted the tranquility of our planet – mother earth. It is also a day committed to spread the message of good health and joy through laughter.

Every year millions of dollars are being spent on maintaining health as stress levels are steadily increasing and the cost of health care has become a great concern for people at large and governments all over the world. Laughter Yoga has already proved to be a cost effective and very powerful tool for maintaining physical and mental wellbeing and people can feel the benefits from the very first session.

This day is a celebration of the power of laughter to change the world. On this auspicious occasion, I appeal to the whole of humanity to use Laughter Yoga as a means to generate goodwill, and also to lessen the pain caused by human insensitivity, as well as natural calamities, both of which have catastrophic consequences. While Laughter Yoga exercises will bring good health and well being; the inner spirit of laughter will help us to realize the deeper meaning of life. By understanding the ways and means of sensible living through Laughter Clubs we can bring peace within us, which in turn will bring peace in the outer world.

We all are one, whether we live in the east or west. We are interconnected, and cannot ignore nations which are poor and underdeveloped because their wellbeing affects the rich nations equally and has global consequences. For instance, ecological imbalance occurring in any nation, spread of infectious diseases, conflict and aggression are all results of inequality and discrimination. Therefore, unless we feel the oneness and learn to care for each other as a global family we cannot live in harmony. I believe that: "The Entire World Is An Extended Family; Let Us Join Through Love And Laughter"

So, let us stand in silence for 1 minute by spreading our arms towards the sky, and pray silently for World Peace. Let us end with unconditional laughter and send out the vibrations of harmony and compassion all over the world and into the Universe…ha ha ha.

Dr. Madan Kataria

Founder Laughter Yoga Clubs Movement