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Medical Clowns Spread Joy Among PatientsLaughter therapy in hospitals is now widely accepted for speedy healing as well as for countering depression in chronically ill patients. It is for these people, the Komali MediClown Academy in Puducherry, India, has come up with the idea of medical clowns and is working with various hospitals around the area to spread a sense of cheer.

These training workshops organized for medical clowns will develop a network of committed dedicated people to spread joy among those who are suffering mentally, emotionally and physically. The academy will work with hospitals, schools, educational institutions and corporations to help promote the idea of Laughter Yoga and medical clowning. This therapy does not work only with people who are sick, but also victims of abuse and anyone who has suffered from some form of tragedy can use medical clowns.

Another idea that the Academy promotes is Laughter Yoga, which is seen by some as the best way to deliver the benefits of laughter to the patients. It is also in high demand by doctors and medical staff who work under great emotional and physical stress and are prone to suffer mental and emotional burn-out. It is one such exercise that works on changing the physical, emotional and mental state simultaneously thereby bringing a positive outlook towards life and circumstances.

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