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August 15, 2014 Bengaluru India

What an incredible experience!!!!! It was soooooo emotional and exciting seeing all the children acting out the history of their country, each age group involved in different areas, dancing, singing, marching to the sound of the school band, taking this celebration very seriously…. so uplifting to see the amazing colourful costumes & dances and the smiles in the faces of the children dancing.

I was sitting there under the shade of a palm tree, honoured to be an invited “Japanese” guest hahahaha! while taking in this special opportunity I had to be in India at the Laughter Yoga University. My heart opened wider and wider as the ceremony went on. How did I get so lucky to be here at this celebration sending all my appreciation to the children?

And surprise!!!!!! Dr Kataria offered a few Laughter Yoga exercises with our group….. immediately the children began clapping and laughing!!! Imagine, my awe and the love I felt pouring out of the hearts of the children. All these years I’ve been doing laughter yoga and at this very moment everything that I had learned, every laughter session I had offered, everything that I had taught came back to me ten-fold! I was in the heart of the creation of laughter yoga and experiencing the impact in India, I was at the Laughter Yoga University!

How does it get any better than this?

Joelle Moore

LY University Volunteer