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Sparkie Lovejoy

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Registration No : LY-001-SL-54

Phone: 1-727-902-9427
Start Date: 7 November, 2020
End Date: 8 November, 2020

2 Day Certified Leader Training

Email: loveheals@yahoo.com
Website: under construction
Venue: private residence

Training Details

Laughter Yoga is a good reason to come out of hiding (if you are) and make a difference in the world. With a regular practice for yourself and then sharing laughter with others, your life is guaranteed to get better, no matter how good or bad it currently may be. Some of the personal benefits you may receive from attending this 2-day training are the ability to laugh when things are good and not so good, ability to use laughter for stress relief, to recover/reclaim your childlike playfulness and fun, to connect with others in a loving, kind and supportive way. You will also be able to lead Laughter Yoga sessions with various groups of people!

I have had the privilege of leading laughter yoga at schools, churches, health fairs, my home, in the park, with corporations, with small businesses, with holocaust survivors, at family and friend events, wedding engagement parties, at Toastmasters conventions, at libraries, at bookstores, at senior centers, at yoga centers, at recreation centers, at Rotary clubs, at Wanderlust, with nurses, at work Christmas parties and believe it or not-even at funerals to name a few. There are so many avenues to offer this gift. Any group gathering can benefit from laughter. Learn how fun and easy it can be to lead a group of people to laughing unconditionally and lovingly. A fun and effective way to cultivate good karma! You can easily become known as the laughter person that people enjoy being around.

$310. includes manual pdf, 6 month Prozone membership, Sparkie’s 12 years of experience and stories and a lot of fun and laughter. You’ll hear the amusing story of her experience with a Laughter club in India in 1997.

We will meet at a private residence in North St Petersburg. Near 4th St and 62nd Ave.

If you want to play and learn with me, I look forward to hearing from you!