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Maggie Thompson

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Registration No : LY-0044-MT-05

Phone: 0044 7565 218567
Start Date: 5 October, 2019
End Date: 6 October, 2019

2 Day Certified Leader Training

Email: maggiet1951@googlemail.com
Website: www.merriemaggie.co.uk
Venue: Wordsley Community Centre, Wordsley Green, Stourbridge, UK

Training Details

This 2-day Certified Laughter Yoga Leader training will be ideal for people wishing to learn more abut Laughter Yoga, such as the history and philosophy behind it along with the benefits and research data showing how effective it is in uplifting people, boosting their immune systems, helping people to connect with one another and using laughter as a coping mechanism. Trainees will learn the 40 basic laughter exercises along with hand claps and breathing in between the exercises. The trainee may wish to undergo the training for their own personal development and the qualification will enable the trainee to lead Laughter Yoga sessions at Laughter Club level and also with small groups within the scope of their everyday work. It includes both a written and practical assessment in order to gain the qualification.