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Lynn Himmelman

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Registration No : LY-0058-MB-15

Phone: 14164692033
Start Date: 29 September, 2018
End Date: 30 September, 2018

2 Day Certified Leader Training

Email: forgiveandlaugh@gmail.com
Website: http://www.laughtertraining.ca
Venue: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Training Details

Training Details

Come join us for a fun and fabulous weekend of rollicking laughter yoga. No yoga postures.

Laughing is the yoga.

And we laugh A LOT . . . so it’s a workout . . . for your ab muscles . . . and your face, hahaha!

Learn how to find your laugh from within rather than always depending on jokes or humour.

Learn to laugh like you did when you were a young child before all the cares of the world had fallen on your shoulders.

And learn how to inspire others to do the same.

The benefits of practicing Laughter Yoga that are being reported by scientific evidence and word of mouth testimonies are very impressive.

Here’s a short list of benefits. This is just the tip of the iceberg:

• less stress
• fewer worries & anxieties
• feeling more relaxed
• better sleeps
• reduced aches & pains
• more harmonious relationships
• surges of inspired creativity
• stronger immune system
• more energy
• greater self-confidence
• a more positive outlook
• feeling lighter & happier
• having more fun day to day


Attend this transformative training so you can:

• Bring more laughter, joy, and fun into your daily life

• Learn new ways of inspiring others to laugh quickly & easily

• Experience all the physiological and psychological benefits that come with knowing how to laugh unconditionally without depending on outside circumstances

• Make new friends and positive uplifting connections
Start and run a successful Laughter Club, Class, or Group

• Lead laughter yoga sessions in companies & corporations,
yoga & fitness centers, schools, hospitals, community
centers & homes for seniors


This training will be led by long-time pioneer and veteran of Laughter Yoga in Toronto, Lynn Himmelman. Also known as Lively Laughing Lynn, she has been chosen three times as “Toronto’s Laughing Champion” at The Toronto Laughter Games and The Toronto Laughing Championships and has been appointed as a Laughter Ambassador by Laughter Yoga International.

She has been offering weekly Laughter Yoga classes for 14 years and regularly trains & certifies others to be Laughter Yoga Leaders. In support of the ongoing presence of Laughter Yoga, Lynn enthusiastically brings the Spirit of Laughter to government organizations, hospitals, universities, seniors’ homes, and private businesses.

“This interactive and empowering training is the ultimate laughter workout, packed full of fun and learning!” Lynn, Certified Laughter Yoga Leader & Teacher (Lively & Laughing, ha, ha)

You will come away from this training with a thorough understanding of Laughter Yoga and with the foundational skills required to be an awesome Laughter Yoga Leader.

• Training & practice of 40 Foundation Laughter Exercises

• Training & practice of supportive breathing, dancing, and meditation exercises

• Hours & hours of transforming Laughter

• Background and history of Laughter Yoga

• Guidelines on how to create your own Laughter Yoga exercises

• Guidance in starting, running, & maintaining a Laughter Yoga Club, Class, or Group

• Business options to explore as a Laughter Yoga Professional

• Meaningful connections with the other laughter enthusiasts!

• Affiliation with a growing world movement that is spreading improved health and peace with laughter (now in 105 countries and growing)

• An easily usable skill that brings happiness & joy to all


$350.00 + 13% hst

Discounts available for registration 5 weeks ahead and 3 weeks ahead

Additional discounts when registering with friends.

Visit the registration form to see your options:

NOTE: Previously Certified Leaders may re-attend the weekend for nearly 50% off the regular tuition fee.

• Your personal copy of Dr. Kataria’s revised 2017 Training Manual – 127 pages
• A comprehensive list of online Laughter Yoga resources
An official Certificate from Laughter Yoga International in India

• 6-months free access to laughteryoga.org “Prozone”, a Membership Site for Laughter Yoga Leaders & Teachers

• 6-8 Free Laughter Yoga classes

• an open invitation to practice leading some exercises in any of Lynn’s classes once you’ve completed your training

Cost to attend without receiving Certification, Manual & Bonuses:
Saturday & Sunday: $245 + 13% hst
Only Saturday: $185 + 13% hst
Only Sunday: N/A

Copy & paste this link to register: http://www.laughtertraining.info

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