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Ellen Mercer (a.k.a. LN Mirther)

Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher

Registration No : LY-001 EM-102

Phone: 405-818-7997
Start Date: 23 May, 2020
End Date: 24 May, 2020

2 Day Certified Leader Training

Email: LNMirther@cox.net
Website: https://laughnow.weebly.com/leader-training.html
Venue: Tulsa, OK 74120, USA

Training Details

Share the gift of intentional LAUGHTER in these stressful and challenging times. People need this now more that ever!  This training has been delayed and rescheduled to May 23, 2020. ( Praying and laughing for a rapid resolution to the growing crisis. This was set for March 21-22 and delayed due to Corona Virus). This fun two day certification workshop, 10 am to 6 pm Saturday and Sunday,  is designed to equip people with the skills and concepts to successfully implement laughter exercise programs with proven benefits to health and wellness of body, mind and spirit. Participants will be proficient at introducing the concepts and forty foundation exercises used in Laughter Yoga after completing the workshop. Ellen’s trainees get plenty of practice leading exercises and mastering basic skills enabling them to share intentional laughing and moving protocols.

These fun sessions can help people energize, deal with stress, bring about health benefits and foster a more positive, joyful atmosphere leading to a positive workplace, community or personal improvements.

Learning Objectives Certified Laughter Yoga Leader Training

  • To learn and practice creative skills for a Life with More Laughter
  • To learn and practice skills to lead a successful laughter session
  • Master the 4 steps of Laughter Yoga
  • Master the 5 Points about What is Laughter Yoga
  • Master the Three Reasons Why do Laughter Yoga
  • To practice Techniques for session Leadership – Learn particular considerations for leading for clubs, corporate, seniors, children, special needs and others.
  • To Experience and commit to being a CLYL (Certified Laughter Yoga Leader) withing the guidelines given by Dr. Madan Kataria

More in-depth objectives
 Laughter Wisdom – How and Why IT WORKS
 Benefits of Laughter Yoga for Mind, Body and Spirit
 Practice and master the 40 foundation laughter yoga exercise as presented by founder Dr. Kataria
 Understand the Body intelligence and inner spirit of laughter
 LIVE IT – Learn and commit to techniques for laughing alone and making it a daily habit to LET LAUGHTER change YOU
 Considerations to start LY practice; Clubs, Presentations, workshops, seminars, other events. Publicity- suggested techniques and idea exploration
 Liability, Contraindications and limitations

On completion trainees can lead Laughter Yoga groups in multiple settings: senior centers, corporate retreats, hospitals, senior community living environments, yoga studios, churches, in-service for staff, therapy and counseling sessions, and more.

Taught by Oklahoma’s most experienced Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher – Ellen Mercer Sign up at www.LaughterMoves.com use the contact form on Leader Training Tab.  The inclusive cost is $305.  Specifics for location to be announced soon.  Printed & digital manual & USB drive comprehensive resources included.  Reserve your spot now or contact Ellen Mercer to get questions answered.